The first seeds of the Tucson Threshold Choir were planted by Kilian Metcalf in 2008. A few women coalesced around her to begin singing, namely Erin Dokter and Stephanie Keenan. Over time, along with help from winter resident Karen Bondy, this core group of women nourished the plantings made by Kilian and have grown the group into a 15+ member choir that continues to flourish.

We sing in small groups for people at many of life’s thresholds: birth, illness, recovery, dying and death. We offer our voices in song upon request from families and caregiving communities. To learn more about the Threshold Choir as a national organization, or to identify where more choirs are located around the U.S. or internationally, visit here.

During the pandemic, our group has adapted to new ways of gathering safely and continuing to sing both together and for our community. As of the Fall of 2021, we meet on the second and fourth Saturdays from 10am-Noon at a location near Speedway and Campbell on the U of A campus. If you are interested in learning more about how we gather and where and potentially joining us, please contact us as mentioned below. We offer the option of joining Saturday rehearsals via Zoom for folks who are not yet comfortable singing in person.

If you are a staff member or volunteer working with a care facility or hospice, please feel free to make a request for singing, please let us know via the ‘Contact Us’ form on this blog or send an email to tucsontc@gmail.com. Please write the nature of your inquiry and one of our members will respond in a timely way with the appropriate information.

We will make every effort to accommodate either personal or facility/organization-based singing requests, but may be unable to offer in-person song depending on
public health guidelines at the time. In any case, we encourage you to inquire and we can talk through your request given conditions at the time. We follow CDC and Threshold Choir International (TCI) guidelines as to how and when we sing. As of Fall 2021, we are masking and distancing at indoor practices and we have carefully done the same at a few in-home visits for bedside singing per family member request. As of Spring 2023, we are willing to sing bedside in homes or facilities as requested with appropriate masking if needed and we are refining this practice as we move forward through uncertain times.

Thank you!