Finding the Quiet Spaces

Last night at rehearsal we shared an enlightening experience. We usually sing at the Little Chapel of All Nations on the U of A campus. We sing inside the sweetly intimate and quiet space – when we have a key. We quickly learned the universe had other plans for us, being that we arrived sans key.

So, we improvised. First we sat in a nearby courtyard. With temps still hovering near 100 degrees it was warm, yet the cool night sky helped us be outside with ease. Okay, we thought, this is nice. But then the thumping bass lines and party soundtracks from nearby sorority or fraternity parties made themselves known. (School just resumed = HIGH energy hum!) It was a little tough to concentrate. With her trademark patience and intuition, Erin suggested we move into another space, due to the ahem, ‘high ambient noise’ factor. (Love her so much.)

The four of us took two benches and moved ourselves with these into a dark, brick and relatively quiet passageway with a cool cross-breeze. Great acoustics to boot, we realized. We found another little world within a world! We sat back-to-back, sinking into our breath and our bones. We sang with delicious satisfaction.

Pathway to Heaven

As I reflect today, I am seeing the metaphors. I see how we were quietly guided by intuition and listened to it. We didn’t let the noise and commotion annoy or disrupt us. We found the quiet space. We claimed it. And the joy of singing together unfolded for us, externally and internally, all at once.

How do you find the quiet spaces in life?

2 Replies to “Finding the Quiet Spaces”

  1. Hi Kristine
    I enjoyed your blog post and reminded me of the times that threshold met at the yoga house at civano and my friend stephanie and Erin sang to me before I moved. I was so moved and blessed to be sung to. I really, really miss singing with women. What a wonderful gift to all. THanks for the reminder of my love of singing with others. Is this the same Erin in your article? SHe is the science educator PhD.? Please give her a hug if it is (or even if it is not).

  2. Hello, Ingrid! I am so glad you found us. Yes, this is the same Erin and yes, she did sing to you at Yoga House. I have practiced yoga there and we’ve met, a loooong time ago though. Are you in Tucson now? Come sing with us sometime! I will give Erin a hug for you in the meantime.

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