Introductory Session 5.4.19

If you happened to be at the Community Sing led by Melanie DeMore on April 13th, we are so glad you joined us! Tucson Threshold Choir made this event happen and invited the community to experience how we can ‘Lead with Love’ through song!

Threshold Choir International (TCI) is an organization that makes kindness audible. Our local group is one of over 200 chapters of the now worldwide 501(c)(3) that is TCI. We offer comfort through singing songs at bedside in small groups of voices, for those in hospice care, those who are healing, those facing challenges and their families or caregivers. When invited, usually two to four of us sing quiet messages of love, life and heart for tender threshold times. Our voices are our gift, there is no charge.

We welcome singers who can carry a tune, listen well in order to blend their voices with others and convey kindness through voice and presence. Interested in learning more? We are hosting an introductory session on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 4:00pm in the Ada Pierce McCormick Library on the UA campus at the Northeast corner of Highland and 1st Street, adjacent the Little Chapel of All Nations.

We look forward to seeing you and singing together!

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